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Accept cryptocurrency - participate in a monetary revolution with SpectroCoin

In the age of digital transformation, the blockchain technology is providing innovative solutions for merchants, individual traders and their customers. SpectroCoin goal is to be at the forefront of technology-driven change and to offer companies worldwide the possibility to accept Bitcoin, Dash or XEM in their day-to-day operations.

Why should merchants accept cryptocurrency

  • Since cryptocurrency's popularity is constantly growing and there are more people who prefer to pay for products and services in cryptocurrencies, accepting it in your business would attract new customers.
  • The Monetary revolution and FinTech are reshaping how customers think about cash and time management - accepting cryptocurrencies at your online or POS business will improve cash flow, as transactions are processed faster, and save you money, as cryptocurrencies have lower transaction fees.
  • Cryptocurrency payment processing will contribute to the safety of your assets, since merchants are protected from chargeback risks
  • Merchants can not only accept cryptocurrencies, but also initiate mass payments for multiple people at once!

Payment processing and integrations

SpectroCoin provides to companies and individual traders all the necessary integration tools, such as e-commerce plugins, libraries and payment processing API. Business owners can choose the most fitting integration tool for their needs:

  • Create projects for your goods and services to get payments from your clients;
  • Create orders for all your clients;
  • Create payment links for your customers;
  • Use the company developed plugins for easy collection of the assets.

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