Mantas Mockevičius – Co-founder of SpectroCoin
Mantas Mockevičius – Co-founder of SpectroCoinCo-founder of SpectroCoin
Mantas Mockevičius is in charge of the legal and compliance setup of SpectroCoin. In 2009, while still at the university, Mantas became a co-founder of a local virtual currency exchange. He founded the project together with Justas Dobiliauskas. The exchange later became what is now known as SpectroCoin – an all in one solution for cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning of SpectroCoin, the scope of Mantas’ responsibilities encompassed a wider scale of duties, from treasury to support. The experience gained while working in these areas helped him understand the whole business better, as well as improve the processes from scratch and use his findings in future development of SpectroCoin.
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