Get Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin Debit Card
  • SpectroCoin offers Bitcoin prepaid cards, which can be used at any ATM around the globe or shops as an ordinary payment card.

  • The card is funded instantly, so you do not have to worry about exchanging your bitcoins in advance.

  • The card can be denominated in dollars (USD), euros (EUR) or pounds (GBP).

Get Bitcoin Debit Card now

Global bitcoins trade


Use it at 30+ million ATMs all around the world
International bitcoin debit card


Use card at 20+ million sites and shops worldwide
Bitcoin card limit

High limits

High deposit and withdrawal limit

Bitcoin Debit Card Fees

Price $9.00/€8.00/£6.00 $0.50/€0.50/£0.50
Delivery 3-4 weeks Instant
Monthly service charge fee* $1.00/€1.00/£1.00 $1.00/€1.00/£1.00
Card top up from SpectroCoin account 0% 0%
Card to Bitcoin wallet (Buying bitcoin) 0.5% + $1.00/€1.00/£1.00 0.5% + $1.00/€1.00/£1.00
ATM withdrawal in domestic currency $2.5/€2.25/£1.75 -
ATM withdrawal in other currency $3.50/€2.75/£2.25 -
3rd party load 1.99% 1.99%
Currency exchange** 3% 3%
Normal shipping (up to 3-4 weeks) Free -
Expedited shipping (4-5 days) $75/€69/£50 -

*Service fee is not charged, if card balance is 0
**Fee is charged if you pay in other currency than default (USD/EUR/GBP)

Bitcoin Debit Card Limits

Max number of Top-ups 1 No limit
Max Top-up amount per purchase $250/€250/£200 $10.000/€10.000/£8.000
Max Top-up amount per day $250/€250/£200 $20.000/€20.000/£16.000
Max single ATM withdrawal $100/€100/£80 $1.000/€1.000/£800
Max ATM withdrawal per day $100/€100/£80 $2.000/€2.000/£1.600
Max number of ATM transactions per day 2 5
Total ATM withdrawal limit $100/€100/£80 No limit
Max POS amount per day (shops) $100/€100/£80 No limit
Max POS amount per purchase (shops) $100/€100/£80 No limit
POS load** Not available No limit
Max lifetime load $250/€250/£200 No limit
Min unload to Bitcoin wallet $2/€2/£2 $2/€2/£2
Max unload to Bitcoin wallet $100/€100/£80 $2.250/€2.250/£2.000
Max number unload to Bitcoin wallet transactions per day 2 2
Min transaction amount $0.01/€0.01/£0.01 $0.01/€0.01/£0.01
Total lifetime unload from card $100/€100/£80 No limit

*to verify your card, you will have to provide passport or ID card and utility bill
**Your card has to be verified in order to be able to receive funds (Original Credit Transactions via Visa Direct) from 3rd party Merchants like Paypal, Gambling sites and etc. If funds are received to unverified card it will be blocked and funds will be frozen until card gets verified.
***Please note we cannot load pre-paid debit card with a credit card. All pre-paid card funding must be processed through your visa/MasterCard branded bank/debit card. All credit card transactions will be declined. Additionally, the Merchant account will only be utilized for the loading of the pre-paid debit card and not for Bitcoin purchases or Wallet loads. For billing questions please contact Allied wallet at (+44) 203 318 8334 or click here

Get Bitcoin Debit Card now