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About SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin is an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies. It has been serving the needs of blockchain enthusiasts ever since the dawn of cryptocurrencies. Our services include a wide selection of cryptocurrency solutions, ranging from exchange to e-wallets.


  • SpectroCoin founded

    2013 February

    In early 2013, three young entrepreneurs decided to start a business in the financial sector.

  • Platform launch

    2013 July

    SpectroCoin was launched as a financial solution that would ultimately encompass a wide spectrum of services, hence the name.

  • Merchants

    2014 August

    The services were expanded to cater not only to individual but also to business clients.

  • Mobile wallet app

    2015 February

    SpectroCoin app has been added to Google Play and App Store.

  • Cards

    2015 June

    SpectroCoin debit card solution extended our services to traditional point-of-sale payments.

  • Blockchain explorer

    2016 July

    SpectroCoin explorer has been introduced to offer our users and opportunity to comfortably check their transactions.

  • DASH added

    2016 August

    Dash joined Bitcoin to become the second cryptocurrency available at SpectroCoin.

  • ETH added

    2017 October

    The selection of cryptos was expanded with Ether, the currency of the Ethereum platform.

  • 500,000 customers

    2017 December

    SpectroCoin community expanded to five hundred thousand clients.

  • SpectroCoin Pro

    2018 December

    A cryptocurrency exchange platform for more advanced crypto traders has been launched.

  • Crypto licenses in Estonia

    2019 January

    SpectroCoin has taken a significant step forward by acquiring two licenses in a country with crypto-friendly regulations.

  • 1,000,000 customers

    2019 July

    SpectroCoin community expanded to one million clients.

  • SpectroCoin Loans

    2019 July

    SpectroCoin entered the crypto-backed loans market with its third product.

  • Redesigned cards

    2019 November

    Brand new contactless SpectroCoin cards have been released.

  • Personal IBAN

    2020 October

    Dedicated IBAN feature enabled our clients to make and receive payments in their own name directly to and from their SpectroCoin wallet.

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Product development

  • Ina Pieczulis
    Ina Pieczulis
  • Tadas Dapšys
    Tadas Dapšys
  • Egle Stašienė
    Egle Stašienė
  • Jonas Lukoševičius
    Jonas Lukoševičius
  • Justinas Badaras
    Justinas Badaras
  • Aistė Jakniūnaitė
    Aistė Jakniūnaitė
  • Emilija Arnašiūtė
    Emilija Arnašiūtė
  • Giedrė Gurskytė
    Giedrė Gurskytė
  • Mantas Ežerinskis
    Mantas Ežerinskis
  • Kostas Strielkūnas
    Kostas Strielkūnas
  • Eileen Lu
    Eileen Lu
  • Ryan J.W.Kim
    Ryan J.W.Kim
  • Milda Kvietkutė
    Milda Kvietkutė
  • Paulius Slivinskas
    Paulius Slivinskas
  • Rūta Juškauskaitė
    Rūta Juškauskaitė
  • Ieva Balynienė
    Ieva Balynienė
  • Audronė Kalvaitytė
    Audronė Kalvaitytė
  • Giedrius Kokšta
    Giedrius Kokšta
  • Kotryna Laptevaitė
    Kotryna Laptevaitė
  • Mindaugas Rolius
    Mindaugas Rolius
  • Povilas Geraltauskas
    Povilas Geraltauskas
  • Povilas Jurna
    Povilas Jurna
  • Justinas Gerasimavičius
    Justinas Gerasimavičius
  • Andrius Bagaliūnas
    Andrius Bagaliūnas
  • Deividas Pranevičius
    Deividas Pranevičius
  • Karolis Stankevičius
    Karolis Stankevičius
  • Ugnius Danauskas
    Ugnius Danauskas
  • Karolina Žembė
    Karolina Žembė
  • Evaldas Krampas
    Evaldas Krampas
  • Gineta Bagočiūnaitė
    Gineta Bagočiūnaitė
  • Julius Demenius
    Julius Demenius
  • Justas Dragūnas
    Justas Dragūnas
  • Neringa Freitakaitė
    Neringa Freitakaitė
  • Rytis Žitkauskas
    Rytis Žitkauskas

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