Accept bitcoin payments

Offer your customers an innovative method of paying for goods or services. Receive payments in Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies.

How the payment gateway works

Customer icon
Customer asks to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency.
Mobile payment icon
You submit how much and in what currency (USD, EUR, GBP, or any other) you would like to receive the payment.
Invoice icon
Customer pays the invoice at a fixed exchange rate – you will always know exactly how much you will receive.
Currency conversion icon
SpectroCoin instantly converts funds to a currency of your choice.
Wallet icon
You withdraw funds to your bank account.

SpectroCoin payment gateway

Pre-order form icon
Instant pre-order forms - create orders without any integration, straight from your SpectroCoin account.
Multiple pre-order forms icon
Multiple receiver pre-orders - create orders that can be emailed to multiple clients, get paid instantly or at any time in the future.
Point of sale links icon
POS URLs - create payment links to be used by your employees, no access to the owner’s account required.
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Integration solutions

Pay with SpectroCoin at an online shop

Payment processing API

Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrences in your project by integrating the SpectroCoin payment processing API.

Online shop SpectroCoin payment interface

Payment buttons

Accept BTC, ETH, USDT, and more than 25 other cryptocurrencies by adding a payment button snippet to the HTML code of your website. Customize your payment button - add a title and description, and choose a button style that fits your website best.

SpectroCoin e-commerce plugins

E-commerce Plugins

Easy to integrate through SpectroCoin shopping cart plugins. We offer payment gateway modules for WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, WHMCS, Zen Cart and other platforms.

Libraries interface


Take advantage of available Libraries for easy integration of e-commerce plugins, cryptocurrency wallets, or live cryptocurrency price index.

Benefits of accepting cryptocurrency

Currency flow icon
Instant settlement - receive your funds immediately after the client pays, no need to wait.
Global customer base icon
Reach global clients - don't limit your sales to locally available payment options – cryptocurrencies are global.
No chargebacks icon
No chargebacks - cryptocurrency transactions are practically irreversible, hence no chargeback risk.
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Mobile wallet

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