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What are the trading fees and limits on SpectroCoin Pro?

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Quick Answer

We offer no trading fees for market makers, while each trade order filled by the market taker carries a standard fee. The fee is deducted from the amount of cryptocurrency the trader receives once that order gets filled.

Trading at SpectroCoin Pro is completely free for market makers, while the trades of market takers carry a standard fee. All trading fees and limits can be found in the fees and limits page of SpectroCoin Pro.

Trading BNK pairs is free of charge – you can trade any cryptocurrencies available on the platform without paying any commission if you simply stick to BNK pairs.

For example, if you wish to exchange BTC to XRP, you can save on trading fees by first exchanging BTC to BNK and then trading BNK for XRP.

To incentivize market making activity and ensure the liquidity of the platform, we offer no trading fees for market makers.

What do maker and taker mean?

A trader who places a Limit order that is not filled immediately is called a market maker. Limit orders add volume to the Order book and thus help “make the market”.

A trader who places an order that is filled immediately is called a market taker. Such order does not reach the order book; hence, the user is “taking” the volume off the book. Traders who use market orders are always considered as market takers and are subject to taker fees.

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