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Potential disruption of bitcoin network


Dear Friends,

On the 1st of August 2017 12:20 UTC there might be disruption of Bitcoin network due to Segwit2x and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork. To avoid any inconveniences, we will be stopping Bitcoin deposit, withdrawal and exchange operations 30 minutes before expected hard fork and will continue Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals 1 hours after expected hard fork, giving everything goes as planned and it will be safe to do so. Also we will increase a number of required confirmations by 3 times for a couple of days after August 1st to avoid any disruptions.

Regarding, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as most of Bitcoin exchanges we do not support any other hard fork of Bitcoin including Bitcoin Cash. However, we might add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as an alternative crypto currency in the future if it will gain any traction.

SpectroCoin team

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