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Valid from 2020-01-15

Complaints Management Policy

  1. Introduction

    1. The goal of this policy is to specify how the SpectroCoin, as it is described in General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), an operator of virtual currency exchange platform the platform, accessible via www.spectrocoin.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform") manages complaints.
    2. In this instruction the term “complaint" is used to mean a written request of a client or any other person directly concerned (hereinafter any of the referred to as the "Client" or “you") regarding failure to perform or improper performance of the contract concluded with the Company on the Platform, infringement of your rights or legitimate interests, indicating its claim and under what circumstances it is based on it.
    3. General opinions and general expressions of dissatisfaction without demand to reply in writing are not regarded as constituting a complaint.
  2. Provision of the Complaint

    1. The Client, who does not agree with the Company's response or has complaints about the Company's activities or omissions, may apply to the Company by submitting a written complaint in one of the following ways:
      1. E-mail it by mail [email protected].
      2. Write it online via https://spectrocoin.com/en/contact.html by indicating "Complaint" in the subject line.
      3. Send a letter to the Company via contacts provided at www.spectrocoin.com.
    2. Complaints shall be provided not later than within 3 (three) months after the it was known to the Client about violations of his rights or legitimate interests.
    3. Complaint must have the following information:
      1. name and surname;
      2. date of birth or personal code;
      3. residential addressv
      4. email address and contact phone number;
      5. complaint date;
      6. reason, i.e. to specify, which rights, agreements were breached;
      7. your proposals for a peaceful solution-making (if any);
    4. Complaints are processed after the Client's identity is verified by the means, acceptable to SpectroCoin.
  3. Processing of complaints

    1. A complaint must be responded to and processed by Company's Customer support unit (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer support unit"). In turn, and depending on the nature of the case, the Customer support unit must contact the Legal, Compliance and Information security or any other specialist that may contribute with respective knowledge in handling of the complaint. Upon request to gather factual information about situation identified in complaint Customer support unit specialist sends request to responsible person in the Company, depending on the nature of the complaint.
    2. Complaints must be managed effectively and carefully. The Company must respond to complaints objectively, correctly, aiming to resolve the Client's problem as soon as possible and, at the Client's request, in written or e-channel form. Clients must be treated in a professional and friendly way.
    3. Complaints must be responded as quickly as possible. The Client's need to receive a quick response must be taken into consideration. Clients shall be contacted within 24 hours after a Complaint has been received by notice via e-channel or letter.
  4. Deciding on Complaints cases

    1. A decision to satisfy or not to satisfy the complaint must be founded on as complete a basis as possible.
    2. Complaints shall be handled and decided by the person who receives the complaint, or the person form the Customer support unit.
    3. If a complaint is addressed directly to the Company's management, however, the Customer support unit shall identify who will handle the Complaint.
    4. The Client must be informed about the Company's decision on the complaint within 14 (fourteen) days after the complaint was received. If it cannot be decided on a complaint within 14 (fourteen) days, the Client must be informed in writing about the further processing of the complaint within that period.
    5. Decision to the Client is provided by the mean SpectroCoin finds as most suitable to the situation (email, letter or internal message via Platform).
    6. An appeal of a complaint case shall always be dealt with and resolved by the Customer support unit.
  5. Appeals

    1. If a complaint was rejected by the Company, the Client may appeal. Appeals are handled by the Customer support unit.
    2. Appeals must be managed effectively and carefully. They must also be responded to objectively and correctly. During an appeal, the Client must be treated in a professional and friendly manner. In the case of appeals, the Client must receive an answer in writing.
    3. The sections above regarding the deciding on the complaints are applied as well to the appeals.
    4. The Client must be informed of the Company's decision.
  6. Other matters

    1. It must be ensured that complaints cases and cases where a Client has expressed dissatisfaction with a service provided by the Company are monitored systematically and that feedback is given to other units in the Company so that the problem can be rectified and avoided in future.
    2. It must also be ensured that the documentation relating to complaints cases is stored together with other relevant Client's data according to the requirements of relevant regulations.
  7. Additional protection

    1. If a Client is unsatisfied with the Company's decision on the Complaint, the Client may further defend his rights in the court or the consumer protection agency if the Client is a consumer.