Magento 2 支付扩展

Magento 2 商标

Magento开源软体为来自世界各地的商家提供各种支付解决方案和支付网关。 Magento 2支付模组可让基于Magento 2的项目接受比特币,新经币和达世币的支付。只要下载并安装支付模组,设置好SpectroCoin的商家项目,就能立即开始在您的商店接受数字货币。并可透过使用SpectroCoin所支援的欧元,美元,英镑或其他20多种的货币来作为结算付款的货币,以避免价格波动的风险,并享受即时快速的支付处理服务。

如何安装Magento 2比特币支付扩展


  1. You have to create a merchant project to get Merchant and Project IDs, to do so create a new merchant project.
  2. Download the Magento 2 Bitcoin Payment Extension.
  3. Connect to your server by ssh: $ ssh user:[email protected]
  4. Go to the Magento 2 web-root: user$ cd var/www
  5. Create directories for the extension: user$ mkdir -p app/code/Spectrocoin/Merchant
  6. Clone plugin: user$ git clone ./app/code/Spectrocoin/Merchant
  7. Run Magento 2: user$ bin/magento setup:upgrade
  8. Generate Private and Public keys:
    Go to the SpectroCoin page, open the "Project" section, and click on your project. Select "Edit Project" and then click the "Generate" button (next to the Public key field). You will get an automatically generated private key – download and save it. A matching public key will be generated automatically and added to your project.


  1. Login in admin panel of your Magento 2 web-shop.
  2. Navigate to Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment methods.
  3. Click on "Bitcoin via Spectrocoin" and fill the form enter your Merchant ID, Project ID and private key.
  4. Enter your Merchant ID, Project ID, Private key.
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