SpectroCoin的商家解決方案為商家提供了安全的加密貨幣支付處理服務。 OpenCart的比特幣付款模組讓您的OpenCart網站可接受比特幣(BTC),新經幣和達世幣的付款。 請下載並整合OpenCart擴展模組,設置SpectroCoin的商家項目,就能立即開始在您的商店接收虛擬貨幣。 並可透過過設置結算貨幣為歐元,美元,英鎊或是SpectroCoin所支援的20多種貨幣中的任何一種貨幣,來避免比特幣和其他代幣的價格波動。



  1. Download the OpenCart Bitcoin Payment Extension.
  2. Upload content to your OpenCart directory.
  3. Generate Private and Public keys:
    Go to the SpectroCoin page, open the "Project" section, and click on your project. Select "Edit Project" and then click the "Generate" button (next to the Public key field). You will get an automatically generated private key – download and save it. A matching public key will be generated automatically and added to your project.


  1. Go to Admin → Extensions → Payments and enable SpectroCoin module.
  2. Enter your Merchant ID, Project ID, Private key.
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