Are there any loan withdrawal fees or limits at SpectroCoin?

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The minimum withdrawal amount and fee depend on the withdrawal currency. You can find the full information in the table below. The minimum loan amount at SpectroCoin is 25 EUR, while the maximum amount is 1 million EUR.

Loans at SpectroCoin are in Euros. For example, if you take a 1000 EUR loan, the same 1000 EUR amount has to be repaid. However, for your convenience, this 1000 EUR can be paid out in the currency of your choice: EUR, BNK, USDT, BTC, ETH, XEM, or DASH.

We do not charge any deposit fees, while withdrawal fees are deducted to cover the blockchain transaction confirmation fees. The fee to withdraw EUR from the platform is charged by a payment provider for processing the payment.

You can find the full SpectroCoin withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amounts schedule below:

  • BNK: 7500.00 BNK | Min 10000 BNK
  • USDT: 12.00 USDT | Min 20.00 USDT
  • BTC: 0.0006 BTC | Min 0.001 BTC
  • ETH: 0.007 ETH | Min 0.02 ETH
  • DASH: 0.0001 DASH | Min 0.1 DASH
  • XEM: 0.100000 XEM | Min 50 XEM
  • EUR: 0.04% | Min 2 EUR

The minimum amount you can borrow is 25 EUR. The maximum amount is 1M EUR.

How long does it take to process the withdrawal?

Getting a loan approval is fast and our team usually approves it within a few hours. External cryptocurrency withdrawals depend on blockchain confirmations that typically take less than one hour. EUR withdrawals take 1-3 business days.

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