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Speeding up the verifications!

Dear Friends,We want to inform you that from now on we will be collaborating with IDnow in order to speed up the verification processes.Kind regards,SpectroCoin team
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Enable Second Factor Authentication on Your Login

Dear Friends, We happy to announce that from now on you can enable second factor authentication on your login! 2FA login option can be enabled in the "Account settings"! Regards, SpectroCoin team
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Fixed Send option available at SpectroCoin

Dear Friends, From now on, with P2P capability, SpectroCoin's clients can send currencies with a locked exchange rate directly to another SpectroCoin user. Internal transactions are instant and free
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SpectroCoin Now Has Over 500,000 Clients

Dear Friends, We are happy to announce we have surpassed the 500,000 clients milestone. We want to say 500,000 Thank-Yous to each and every customer! Regards, SpectroCoin Team
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Instant and Free C2C Transactions at SpectroCoin

Dear Friends, From now on SpectroCoin clients have opportunity to send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and XEM between each other instantly and without fees. Transactions happen off-chain, thus
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Bankera ICO Token Sale Starts at SpectroCoin on 27th November!

Dear Friends, As you already know, we finalized Bankera's pre-ICO by reaching our set HARDCAP of 25 million Euros. We want to, once again, thank all 16 000+ of you who have participated in our pre-I
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Claim an International Bank Account Number at SpectroCoin

Dear Friends, We are proud and happy to announce that from now on you can get a personal International Bank Account Number (IBAN) at SpectroCoin! You will be able to make or receive euro transfers a
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SpectroCoin is building a bank Bankera - Join ICO

Dear Friends, SpectroCoin is happy to announce its operational fork Bankera is preparing for Banker (BNK) token pre-ICO sale on the August 28th. Bankera is planning to become one of the first crypt
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Potential disruption of bitcoin network

Dear Friends, On the 1st of August 2017 12:20 UTC there might be disruption of Bitcoin network due to Segwit2x and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork. To avoid any inconveniences, we will be stopping Bitc
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New SpectroCoin iOS Mobile Bitcoin Wallet version released

Dear Friends, We are happy to announce that we have released a new 1.3.0 version of SpectroCoin mobile app for iOS devices. Updated SpectroCoin iOS mobile Bitcoin wallet app delivers a fresh new loo
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