How can I verify my debit card?

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If your SpectroCoin account is not verified yet, you will be redirected to the verification page as you have to verify your account before we can issue you a debit card. Subject to the requirements of our Partner and Visa, you are required to provide additional information, including identity verification, and phone number to be able to order the SpectroCoin debit card.

To order your debit card, log in to your SpectroCoin account and go to the "Card" section, where we will provide the required verification steps and statuses of your identity, and phone number. Before we can issue you a prepaid card, you have to complete the full verification process.

Identity verification

If your SpectroCoin account is not verified yet, to comply with the AML5 and due to our intention to provide high-quality services in an even safer environment, you will be redirected to complete a personal identity verification. In order to complete it, you will be required to fill out the KYC Questionnaire and provide a government-issued document (valid passport/ID card). Please refer to the SpectroCoin Account and Verification FAQ page to learn more about our KYC process.

Phone number verification

The applicant's phone number is required in order to issue a card. You will generally get the code within a few seconds, but it could take up to 10 minutes for the text to be received. If the phone number has already been registered to another account, it will not pass the verification. Please ensure that the phone number was entered correctly because, if an error occurs, you will not receive a text message with the verification code and you will have to restart the process. To do so, please go to "Account Settings" and select "Update phone number".

How long does it take to approve my card application?

After completing the verification process, please wait with patience. If you experience a delay, it does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with your application. Although the compliance team aims to review your documents as soon as possible, the verification process can take up to 24 business hours (3 business days) after uploading all documents to the website.

In order to avoid any delay in processing your application, make sure that all submitted documents meet the required criteria. Failure to meet any of the requirements will lead to the rejection of your application or expand the time frame of the verification process.

If one or more documents are invalid or do not meet the criteria, you will be notified via your SpectroCoin account. We will also contact you if we need anything further, so monitor the email associated with your SpectroCoin account.

Visit our Terms & Conditions to learn more about SpectroCoin Cards.
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