Which currencies can I use to load my card?

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SpectroCoin debit cards are denominated in EURO and can be loaded using the cardholders’ SpectroCoin wallet. To top the card up, you can use the euros that you receive when you exchange your virtual currency, as the card can only be loaded with this fiat currency.

If you store your digital assets in another currency wallet, please exchange it to EUR prior to loading the card as your card holds a balance in Euros only. After the virtual currency exchange has been completed, load your debit card with EUR from your Euro wallet. Usually, funds will be available within minutes after loading the card so that they are there when you need them.

What is the conversion rate used when I make a transaction in a currency different than the Euro?

When travelling with a SpectroCoin card or living in a country which has not adopted EUR, the interbank exchange rate applies when using a card. The rate at which currencies are swapped between one another is dynamic and provided by Visa Europe when the transaction is processed, which may differ from the actual transaction date. As any transaction in a foreign currency will be converted automatically at the selling exchange rate, make sure to check the Visa Europe website before making a purchase.

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