Do I get a notification about a successful crypto transaction?

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SpectroCoin provides merchants with information about every change in the status of their crypto payment (paid, pending, failed, expired). When a merchant receives a deposit at their registered cryptocurrency address, all the data about the transaction is sent to the merchant’s defined HTTP callback address (URL).

SpectroCoin provides merchants with information about their payment status with the following notifications:

  • Paid - once the payment has successfully reached your SpectroCoin blockchain wallet, the order becomes completed and marked as paid. If email notification is enabled, then an email is sent, notifying the merchant about the received payment.
  • Pending - the payment (or part of it) was forwarded to the blockchain, but is still waiting for the required number of confirmations.
  • Failed - an error has occurred.
  • Expired - when a customer pays for an item via SpectroCoin, there is a 15-minute or 24-hour payment window until the transaction expires. This window depends on the project's configuration and on the receiving currency set by the merchant. If no crypto payment has been made within the given window, the order is marked as "Expired", and it is no longer valid. The order also expires if only a part of the payment was made in the given time.

If the payment window had lapsed before the transaction was completed, the merchant is still responsible for contacting the customer and determining whether to give a refund or fulfill the order.

SpectroCoin's Callback System

When you receive a deposit for your order at your registered cryptocurrency address, all the data about the transaction is sent to your defined HTTP callback address (URL). The merchant's HTTP callback URL must return HTTP Response code 200 with content: *ok* for the SpectroCoin API to confirm the callback as successful.

Once you have configured your callback endpoint, subscribed to events and set the appropriate permissions to receive the respective notifications, we will start sending them to your application. Each notification contains a unique ID, type, and the corresponding data payload.

You can learn more about SpectroCoin's callback implementation here.

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