How to claim IBAN at SpectroCoin?

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Users are required to have a fully verified SpectroCoin account with a confirmed phone number to be able to claim a dedicated IBAN account. To open an account, every client will also be asked to fill in a brief dedicated IBAN verification questionnaire. The possibility to claim an IBAN is available on the SpectroCoin EUR wallet page.

Clients are required to pass two layers of customer verification prior to claiming a dedicated IBAN account. The first one is the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, which is obligatory under the applicable legal requirements. The second layer is phone number verification – the verified phone number will be used as a second-factor authentication measure for IBAN account transaction confirmation.

If you have already completed the previously mentioned levels of verification, your dedicated IBAN account is just one step further. In the ‘Wallets’ section of your account, open the EUR wallet and press ‘Claim IBAN’. You will be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire. After successfully completing the questionnaire and agreeing with relevant IBAN service agreements, you will be provided with a personal European IBAN account in your own name.

For a quick tutorial on how to claim a dedicated IBAN at SpectroCoin, check our video:

I cannot complete my IBAN verification. Why?

If you cannot use the ‘Claim IBAN’ option in your EUR wallet, it might be due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, check if your SpectroCoin account is fully verified. Only verified users can apply for a dedicated IBAN account. Secondly, check if your phone number is confirmed. If not, you can verify your phone number here.

If you are experiencing any problems with submitting the IBAN verification questionnaire, please check if you provided the correct information for all the questions. Also, you should check if every mandatory checkbox is ticked.

Some issues might also arise after submitting the completed questionnaire. If any of such issues occur, our team will contact you via email and provide a detailed description on the problem and possible ways of solving it.

Dedicated IBAN services at SpectroCoin are provided by our partner UAB Pervesk, a company holding an Electronic Money Institution license and authorised by the Bank of Lithuania.
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