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Who can apply for the dedicated IBAN?

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Quick Answer

To apply for the dedicated IBAN account, SpectroCoin users should have a verified account at SpectroCoin, be at least 18 years old, and must have confirmed their phone number. Personal dedicated IBAN services are available to SpectroCoin users globally.

One of the main goals of SpectroCoin is building a complete ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading. We believe that offering dedicated personal IBAN account services is a convenient solution for cryptocurrency traders that are looking for ways of sending fiat funds to and from their SpectroCoin accounts.

Dedicated IBAN accounts are available for every SpectroCoin user that has completed their customer verification process, and has confirmed their phone number. To use the IBAN services, clients must be at least 18 years old.

Dedicated IBAN solution is powered by UAB Pervesk, an electronic money institution operating in the European Union. Thus, the dedicated IBAN accounts are European IBAN accounts with support for SEPA payments.

The dedicated IBAN services at SpectroCoin are provided by our partner UAB Pervesk, a company holding an Electronic Money Institution license and authorized by the Bank of Lithuania.
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