Why do I have to provide my tax identification number?

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To issue you a debit card that is denominated in fiat currency, we are obliged to comply with the requirements of our partners. Thus, we ask you to indicate your country of residence for tax purposes and provide the corresponding tax number, i.e. Tax Identification Number (TIN).

A Tax Identification Number (TIN), or its equivalent, is a unique combination of letters or numbers assigned by a country to an individual or entity to identify that individual or entity for tax administration purposes.

Before providing your TIN in the card order form, please read through this important information:

  • Tax residency does not always depend on the country where you live;
  • You can be a tax resident in more than one country;
  • Not all countries issue TINs. In some countries, other identifiers (the equivalent of TIN) may be used for the same purpose, e.g. social security/insurance number, citizen/personal identification number, etc.;
  • Your TIN may be indicated on your tax returns, statements or other tax documents. For further information, you may consult your tax advisor or local tax authority.

Tax Identification Numbers in the European Economic Area (EEA)

If you are a tax resident in an EU or EEA country, you may find the necessary information in the European TIN Portal:

  • General information about TINs by country: descriptions of the structure and specificities of the national TIN, examples of official documents showing the TINs, national websites, and contacts.
  • An online check module that allows checking the TIN syntax or, if not available, the TIN structure.

Keep in mind that, to get a SpectroCoin card, we will ask you to provide a TIN even if your country is not listed in the European TIN Portal. For further information on different policies in different countries regarding the TIN, you may visit the OECD database.

Please note that we are not allowed to conduct tax advisory services nor determine your tax residency. If you have any questions on how to determine your tax residency status, please contact your tax advisor or local tax authorities.

If one or more documents are invalid or do not meet the criteria, you will be notified via your SpectroCoin account. We will also contact you if we need anything further, so monitor the email associated with your SpectroCoin account.

Visit our Terms & Conditions to learn more about SpectroCoin Cards.
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